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CoderForHire Inc. develops secure, robust, extensible, scalable, dynamic, and customized e-commerce solutions that:

  • Allow secure real-time business-business or business-consumer online transactions
  • Promote, track, and manage sales and inventory online
  • Increase company presence in the Global marketplace
  • Provide membership and discount management systems to increase customer loyalty
  • Connect seamlessly to your financial infrastructure and inventory database
  • Expand sales opportunities into the global Web marketplace
  • Strengthen existing customer relationships
  • Attract new customers by creating an Internet presence
  • Get to know customers, thereby assisting in the creation of effective targeted marketing campaigns
  • Lower the cost of marketing campaigns by utilizing targeted e-mails/e-newsletters
  • And much more.

CoderForHire Inc.'s progressive thinking and technology skills ensure that our client's e-commerce solutions effectively increase profitability and productivity.

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Want to expand your business onto the Web? CoderForHire Inc. has extensive experience in designing and developing complete e-commerce solutions.

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