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CoderForHire Inc. provides three levels of services:

  • Contract programming to software and other technology-related companies wanting to outsource projects or supplement their existing development teams with a temporary contractor
  • Customized information technology (IT) solutions
  • Consulting on all aspects of technology planning, development, analysis, and optimization.

Contract Programming

CoderForHire Inc. provides contract programming services to technology companies seeking to lower the cost of their development initiatives. Virgilio Carneiro, proprietor of CoderForHire Inc., is an experienced IT contractor who specializes in software design and development, Web development, user interfaces and usability, databases, systems analysis and design, project management, and consulting. For more information about the contract services offered by Virgilio, see the Outsourcing page. For information on Virgilio's technical expertise, see the Technologies page. For more information about Virgilio, see the Profile page.

Customized Solutions

CoderForHire Inc. specializes in customized information technology (IT) solutions. As a full-service development company, we collaborate with clients on every facet of technology projects. From helping to determine business technology strategies, to solution design, development, deployment, and project management, you can count on CoderForHire Inc. for all of your IT needs. CoderForHire Inc. can also be contracted for existing solution optimization, upgrades, and extensions. For more information, see the Services page.


CoderForHire Inc.'s extensive experience, technological expertise, and business acumen provide a well-rounded knowledge base for clients requiring technology consulting. For more information, see the Consulting page.

At CoderForHire Inc., we pride ourselves on our integrity, great communication skills, and ability to complete projects in a time-efficient and cost-effective manner. Contact us for more information about our services and/or products.

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