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CoderForHire Inc. provides contract services to technology companies seeking to save money by 1) outsourcing projects or parts of projects, or 2) supplementing their existing development teams with one or more temporary contractors. Virgilio Carneiro, owner of CoderForHire Inc., is an experienced IT contractor who specializes in:

  • Programming
  • Server development
  • Database design and development
  • Web development
  • User interface design and development
  • Database and systems analysis. See the Consulting page for more information.

For information about Virgilio's technical expertise, see the Technologies page. For more information about Virgilio, see the Profile page.

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Virgilio Carneiro, owner of CoderForHire Inc., is an experienced contract programmer and consultant. As the primary service provider for CoderForHire Inc., Virgilio's integrity, business sense, excellent communication skills, and balanced array of IT expertise and skills, always ensure client satisfaction.

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